When going through a divorce, making the right decision about the family home is critical.

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When a marriage dissolves, full-boil emotions can overtake reason as couples untangle their finances, routines, and other details of their life together. Unless fully thought through, the decision of what to do with the marital home is fraught with potential pitfalls.
All too often, decisions are made too hastily and without the proper due diligence, resulting in devastating financial consequences. For that reason, a real estate team that has experience handing the complex property division matters in a divorce will be a great help.
Sonia Alvarodo and her team will give you straight answers so that you can make the most informed decisions, removed from the emotional turmoil. 




As a specialist in the complexities of divorce, Sonia Alvarado can alleviate some of your stress by selling or refinancing the marital home or income property in the most efficient manner. She can provide information, resources and risk management tools that other real estate agents do not.
When the divorce settlement involves mortgage financing, Sonia can play a significant role on your team in putting the pieces of the puzzle together by recognizing the hurdles and opportunities for both parties.
Sonia is your real estate consultant, negotiator and coordinator during this transitionary period. She is sensative to your circumstances and familiar with the unique issues surrounding the sale of real estate during a divorce.
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Sonia makes the process easier for you.

Other than an attorney and a good financial advisor, your most valuable resource and advocate will be a real estate team that understands the unique challenges associated with the sale of a property during divorce.
You need real estate professionals that are compassionate and sensitive to your circumstances. While selling a home is stressful enough under normal circumstances, it can be overwhelming when you are already managing the emotional turmoil of the separation, legal issues, custody battle and settlement negotiations. During this trying time, you can count on a recognized leader as a full service real estate company. 
With such support, you will feel more in control of the process and better equipped to make the right decisions.


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It's been said that "home is where the heart is". But when the heart is broken, what happens to the house? Sonia Alvarado can provide clarity and help you make the most informed decision removed from the emotional turmoil. Call Sonia at 909-560-1258 for a confidential consultation or fill out the form below.