When it comes to the marital home, not all REALTORS® are created equal.


Sonia specializes in serving families going through transition.

Now is not the time to hire a traditinal real estate agent. With so many potential legal, financial, and emotional consequences associated with divorce, it makes sense to work with a professional that brings a neutral voice and specialized expertise in dividing the marital home or investment property.
Sonia Alvarado understands the unique challenges associated with the sale of a property in divorce and provides information, resources and risk management tools that other agents may not have access to. By having an expert like Sonia in your corner early on, you can prevent considerable hassle and vexing problems later.



You’ve made the decision to get a divorce, now what?

Dividing marital assets and debt can be a very contiguous time. Sonia will bring clarity to questions such as:
120px-Check_mark.svgWhat is my property worth?
120px-Check_mark.svgHow can I make the most amount of profit?
120px-Check_mark.svgWhat are some of my housing options after the sale? Rent or buy?
120px-Check_mark.svgCan I find housing to keep my children in the same schools?
120px-Check_mark.svgHow can I optimize my situation for the best possible outcome?
120px-Check_mark.svgHow can I reduce the stress of selling for myself & my family?
120px-Check_mark.svgHow do I handle the communication with my divorcing spouse during the transaction?
Sonia Alvarado has a  proven transition strategy to make the process easier for everyone involved and eliminate some of the disagreements that come up after property is listed. Neutral, third party information can help you make logical decisions removed from the fray.




When dividing the marital home, you need to know you have options.

Sonia's goal, first and foremost, is to educate you on the real estate, tax and financial implications of divorce so that you can make the most informed decisions.

Her job is not to take sides, but to focus on navigating the issues, with the end goal of both you and your spouse coming out ahead.









What's the marital home really worth in today's market?

The marital home may be the greatest single asset of your marriage, but it may become a point of contention in your divorce given its financial and emotional value.

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It's been said that "home is where the heart is". But when the heart is broken, what happens to the house? Sonia Alvarado can provide clarity and help you make the most informed decision removed from the emotional turmoil. Call Sonia at 909-560-1258 for a confidential consultation or fill out the form below.